Warnings: Nudity, language

"Son of a-"
Kaylee stumbled backward as Kava's feet of fury connected with her chest and chin in rapid succession. Spitting out blood she watched as Kava landed in a crouch, glaring when she grinned happily up at her.
"You have to watch all body movement Kaylee. Just because I used my hands last time doesn't mean that I will use them again. Every body part can become a weapon if used correctly."
Standing, Kava dusted off her hands then motioned her closer. "How many times must I tell you not to become distracted by the things around you. In battle the enemy will use anything at their disposal to end your life. You must do the same. Understood?"
Absently rubbing at her chest she nodded. "I understand." And she did. She just couldn't follow through. They had been training for weeks and while she was learning different moves her focus wasn't-

She was jarred from her thoughts when she was shoved backward by a flying kick. She tried to steady herself but the sand shifted beneath her feet as another foot hit her square between the shoulder blades. Her breath whooshed from her lungs as she hit the ground hard. Spitting out a mouthful of sand she started to rise only to feel a knee in her back.

"And this is where, if I were your enemy, I would slit your throat from ear to ear. Focus Kaylee! How do you expect to win against Hannah when you can't even land one hit with us?"
Wincing Kaylee gripped the hand that Kava held out for her. "I'm sorry. I-"
"Don't be sorry!" Kava snapped as she yanked her up. "Just-"
"Kava, that is enough! Peace sister. Kaylee is trying. We have placed a burden on her that no one, human or R'ouglian, should have to bear. We can't-"
"You can't baby me. When I face Hannah I know she's going to be out for my blood. Kava is just trying to prepare me." Giving Kava's shoulder a squeeze she squinted her eyes as she glanced up at the porch.
"Why is Ty not training?" she demanded.
Nirvana, J'enshi and Kava shared a grin at her petulant tones. Nirvana and J'enshi's smiles slowly faded as they allowed their shields to drop from around them. The turbulent emotions of The Guardian had them heading in his direction.

"We're so screwed. I'm no better at this fighting stuff then Kaylee. Well, maybe a little better." Ty sighed and leaned against the porch rail as he watched Kava place Kaylee in position once again. Every night they took turns massaging each others aches away and cleaning cuts and bruises. He had thought football was brutal. He had no idea what brutal was until he stood against Karrick and Qu'hari.
Karrick scratched as his side before joining him at the railing.
"It has taken us years to get to the place where we are. We do not expect you to master the skills that took us centuries to learn overnight. No matter how much Kava might want it," he muttered watching as his sister rolled in her eyes in exasperation as Kaylee dove to the side to avoid getting hit and ended up floundering in the water. Karrick chuckled softly.
Ty glanced at him out the corner of his eyes as he watched The Wise stride toward the sauna they had just had installed.
"Am I the only one freaked out by the fact that they were kids just a few weeks ago and now they're grown woman?"
Karrick nodded. "I think so. After all this you still think only in human terms. Why is that?"
Karrick tilted his head as he waited for Ty to answer. Moments past and he opened his mouth to ask the question again when Ty answered.
"I think...I think if I stop thinking in only human terms I'll give up hope."
Karrick nodded in understanding. "Then stay as you are. We need all the hope we can get."

Qu'hari leaned forward and stared at the mosaic pattern between his feet. Moisture collected in the air around him and should have relaxed his muscles but he was still as stiff as when he came in here.
Màthair. Venshai. Hannah. Mother.
Different names but always the same person. She had been the one to carry him, taught him to read and write. Had encouraged his curiosity until he reached three hundred, the age of adulthood on R'ouglia. Then her true nature had come to the front but it was all so hazy. No matter how hard he tried to remember.

"What troubles you brother?"
"And why do you think you must hide it from us?"
He sighed. He should have known they would appear. "You are already burdened. I did not-"
"You are our friend. Your troubles are not a burden but something to be shared."
Nirvana sat down next to him and blew out a breath as she wiped at her forehead. He shook his head. "What are you doing? We don't sweat so..."
"I've seen Kaylee and Ty do it so I thought I should do it as well. Why they want to force themselves to sweat I will never understand."
"I think it's supposed to help them relax," J'enshi said as she placed her hands on her hips.
"But they have sex for that."
"Indeed. Human customs are something that will forever remain a mystery. Now, Qu'hari. Tell us what troubles you."
He rolled his shoulders and his hair slithered damply against his skin. "I have always been loyal to you," he began then stopped.
"We have never questioned that."
"And why haven't you? I am the offspring of your enemy. Her blood flows through my veins."
"We are all connected. Brothers and sisters. Your blood is in our veins just as ours is in yours. Why is one strain more powerful than the other?" J'enshi reached out and ran a hand through his hair.
"You seek peace where she seeks destruction."
"Tell us what you need, brother. You have been our shield. Let us be yours."
"I need to remember."
Nirvana stood and pressed a kiss to his forehead. "Then remember."

The mist seemed to grow thicker around him and he blinked as his head grew lighter. He blinked again, slower this time, and touched his forehead where Nivana had kissed him. He glanced around but they were nowhere in sight and then-

Planet R'ouglia
circa 1719(earth years)

He was bored. Tapping his fingers against his chest Qu'hari stared up the top of the sleeping unit. It had exactly one hundred and ninety-two lines running vertical and three hundred and two running horizontal. He had counted them...numerous times. Swinging his legs from the bed he hopped down and glanced around his sleeping chamber. There was a bookcase in the corner with threadbare books tucked meticulously in rows. He had read them all. So many times that the words seem imprinted on his brain. Sighing, he paced the room before coming to a halt in front of his telescope.

This was really his only link to the outside world now. He didn't have any friends and since he was going to be a donor there really wasn't anything for him to do until he was at a fertile age. Two more months and he would have viable eggs. Or seeds.
Adjusting the scope he had just started to bend down, maybe he'd see that mysterious blue-green planet again, when he heard whispering coming from the hall.

Rubbing at his arm he debated interrupting the two of them. Lately Venshai had been angry. Even angrier than usual. He softly cleared his throat but it was drowned out by the painful cry of Anastasha as she doubled over and gripped her stomach. He watched as Venshai wrapped a gentle arm around her shoulder and guided her toward the laboratory where they now spent most of their. There was a loud crash and he raced down the hall to check on them. The door was usually closed but this time it was still half open.

"You promised when the time came that you would take care of me," Anastasha whispered slowly. "Your promised inhila. My love. My hearts mate."
"No, there has to be more tests that we can run. Just give me more time Ana. Just a few more days."
"It's time. Let me rest. The pain..." She took a shuddering breath then smiled. "We did what we set out to do. You have to finish the rest without me. And Qu'hari will produce the warriors you need. That is what we bred him for. Now finish it."
He watched as Venshai pressed a kiss to her forehead as she fumbled for something on the table behind her. The needle of the syringe gleamed in the light as she raised it and plunged it into Anastasha's neck.

"It was always you, my hearts. All my love just for you. I will finish this. I promise you."
"I-I know you will." Her breath hiccuped once, twice and then escaped in a long sigh. There was a smile on her lips.
He stepped hesitantly into the room. "Venshai, I think-"
Venshai's hand stopped stroking Anastasha's hair and her head whipped up. "Get out!" she hissed.
"Get out! Get out! GET OUT!!"

His hearts were barely beating fast when he finally reached his secret place. He had stumbled across the hidden grove several years ago and hadn't told anyone else about it. He had noticed the lack of vegetation on the planet and hadn't wanted to destroy this last little oasis before he had to.
The grass tickled his calves as he threaded his way back into the shadows to think about what had just taken place.

He was supposed to breed warriors? That's what he had been created for? What did that mean? They were true hearts mates. He had thought that he had been born because of that...not to be a science experiment. And what had Anastasha meant when she had said this is what they had set out to do? How long had she known she was ill? How many tests had she taken before she gave into the inevitable? Rubbing a hand over his shorn head he pinched the bridge of his nose. Everything...everything that he had thought he had known was a lie.
Flopping backward he stretched his hands over his head and closed his eyes. The suns rays flickered across his eyelids made him smile and he slowly relaxed.
"Ah, for a moment there I thought your head was going to explode with all those questions Qu'hari."
His eyes popped open.

"Hail brother. I thought I was the only one to know about this place."
"Master!" Scrambling up Qu'hari placed a hand over his hearts and bowed. "I did not know this was your place. I wll-"
"Stay and speak with me. I have waited long for you Qu'hari."
"For me?"
"Yes, you are behind on your training. Venshai usually keeps a closer eye on you. Her shields are very strong."
"I do not understand."
"I know you do not. Come, let us sit by the pool. Water always relaxes me."

"What do you know about The Guardians?"
"They are the shield to The Wise. Great warriors train for years to become a Guardian. They are like the wind. Unseen but their presence is always felt."
"Yes, usually Guardians and The Wise are trained together so that a bond is formed as early as possible but you...I could not get to you. The two are nearing completion of their training. You will have to train hard and quickly."
"What do you speak of Master?"
"Qu'hari Teverka, honor your brothers and sisters by protecting the wisdom which we will need in the coming trials. You are the next Guardian."
"I can not be the next Guardian. I am to be a donor. I...you..."
"I am not mistaken. Do you see the woods behind us? Do you see death creeping in?"
He nodded. Yes, he had seen the trees and plants slowly dying. He knew it wouldn't be long before his area was completely dead.
"Without The Wise our peoples hearts will wither and die. We, The Wise, represent hope to them."

"But I don't know anything about being a warrior."
"Do you not?"
"Those were only books."
"Putting thought into action makes it a reality. The choice is up to you, however. I will not force you."
Qu'hari watched him turn and walk away. "Wait!" he called as he scrambled to his feet. The Wise didn't stop. He hurried after him.
"Why me?"
"Why not you? But from death comes life. Which do you look to? Which causes your hearts joy?"
"Then follow me."

There was no movement as they walked away from the thriving oasis and into the dying brush.
"Being a Guardian sometimes you will have to dispense death but always to save a life. Remember that Qu'hari. When you question your path remember that there is no life without death and that death is just a different journey that we all must take."
"I will remember."

Present Day

"I remember."
And his hearts were now at peace for what had to be done.

Phoenix  – (November 15, 2009 at 1:57 AM)  

I am SO sorry about the delay! My game was acting all sorts of stupid but come to find out it was an easy fix that I just made more complicated! *rolls eyes* So, once I figured out what it was I had to go in and recreate Sims since I deleted the hood and forgot to package the Sims!!! (Can you guess who I had to remake? They look different to me but all I had was pictures to go by!)

There are probably all sorts of editing errors but I didn't really want to sit on this one since it's been more than a month since the last update! The HORROR!!! And this is atrociously long! Gah! Sorry!

And I wanted to focus on the Guardian at least once because, hello, it IS his mother he's going to possibly kill. I don't really think anyone is okay with that. Seriously!

And this goes out to everyone who was still reading and sending me comments. And for everyone who kept me going and helped me out with my computer issues as well. Thanks guys! It means a lot!

Dinuriel  – (November 15, 2009 at 3:27 AM)  

No worries, Phoenix :)

None of them look too different to me, but then again differences would definitely be more obvious to the writer than the readers.

Poor Guardian :( No matter how much of a bitch his mother is, he's going to be in a world of pain if he ends up killing her. I kind of want to give him a hug.

Heheheh, I just KNEW those two were lovers! I must say, that did make me pity Hannah slightly, since she did lose the love of her life and all, but only for a second--after all, a lot of people have lost the loves of their lives without becoming pure evil, so that's no excuse on her part. Plus she was also somewhat evil beforehand, if I remember correctly.

Kaylee's training already? Isn't she a little too pregnant to be doing flippy kicks? Or does my memory just suck even more than usual?

Great update, Phoenix! Seeing RG at the top of my blogroll after all this time made my night! :D

Phoenix  – (November 15, 2009 at 3:39 AM)  

Gah Van! I was just going 'round switching stuff! LOL! I had to center my pics! It was annoying me! Yeah, this is true. I kept erasing Sims and whatnot in bodyshop! This time I packaged them!:P

I KNOW!! I mean what sort of situation is that? Poor fella. I think sometimes it just takes awhile for things to register. He had to know this was coming but I think it just hit him.

Yeah, Hannah was totally evil before hand. Those two were evil together and I did have a pity moment for Hannah too and then...I got over it! LOL!

Yep! It's actually been several weeks since she went into the possible picture sooo...and no Van! She's only preggo in the game not in the story! Erase that thought from your mind!:P Well, the OLD Kaylee was. This is the backup version who was pregnant with the twins.O_o I hope that made sense! LOL!

Thanks Van! I missed these guys!:)

S.B.  – (November 15, 2009 at 8:47 AM)  

Qu_H's struggle is heartbreaking. He seems to be trying to put the concept of 'mother' in some sort of sensible context, and deal with an emptiness because he can't. Not given who she is.

Throughout your work there is a recurring theme about dealing with destiny. Accepting destinies that you don't like, don't feel suited for, don't understand, and don't feel capable of achieving. Or wrenching the entire world around to force a particular destiny that is just never going to work. It's wonderful to see how that's being played out with all these different characters. Such a depth of perspective. I really love it.

Anonymous –   – (November 15, 2009 at 10:44 AM)  

Oh, Karrick is a bit more pretty this time :)

I've so been looking forward to this update! I can't really remember what happened in the last one so I'll go back and read it, but this was definitely amazing as always! ;)

Phoenix  – (November 15, 2009 at 4:14 PM)  

I know! :( I had to really sit down and think about this. He would have to be insane to not have some sort of feelings about Hannah's death. Granted she wouldn't blink if she got a chance to kill him. Of course we all know she's insane! But either way he may think he's okay with it now but when the time comes it's a different story. It always is...

Thanks Beth!:) Wow, I never really thought of it that way but I guess I have been huh? Probably because when I started writing this things were hectic for me...hmmm....interesting!

Phoenix  – (November 15, 2009 at 4:17 PM)  

Really? *scrolls back up and tilts head* Yeah, I think it's the face template. I can never remember which template I use for which Sims! I fail at that! LOL!

Oh man Yui! Thanks!:) I missed these guys and you know how it is when you want to write but your game is acting stupid! Grr!! Haha! No worries! I couldn't remember what happened last update. I had to keep the tab open and pop back and forth to make sure I was picking up the proper threads and weaving them in.


Gayl  – (November 16, 2009 at 2:57 PM)  

This update was well worth waiting for! Sometimes tough decisions, painful decisions need to be made but I believe The Guardian will do the right thing.

You did a great job of recreating the characters!

Phoenix  – (November 16, 2009 at 6:57 PM)  

Thanks Gayl!:) Yeah, it's really going to be tough but I'm sure that he'll pull through. *crosses fingers*

Thanks!:D I just looked back and forth between pics! LOL!!

S@ndy  – (November 23, 2009 at 8:44 PM)  

I'm so sorry it took me so long to get here.. I started reading it a couple days ago but couldn't finish it till now...

it was a great chapter I think Qu'hari really needed to remember what happened back then, in order to make up his mind and do what he has to do without regrets or hesitation..when the time comes,I know the battle will be hard and harsh on everyone, but specially him... no matter what Hannah is or does, she still gave him life... geez... I fell so sorry for him...

it was nice to see Kaylee during her training... I'm glad she is working hard, she needs to get stronger to protect what he loves the most...

I love the pic with Ty and Karrick, they both looks so damn good, specially Karrick he looks gorgeous on that one!!

I sure hope it will all turn out great at the end...

I'm already feeling the tension building up as we wait for the battle!

Great chapter as always!!!

Phoenix  – (November 24, 2009 at 3:11 PM)  

No worries Sandy! :) The story will be here!

Yeah, he did. It's really easy to remember the good times and blur the bad. Sometimes it's better to do that but in this case Q needed to remember.

Ha! I had to throw Kaylee's training in there. It would odd to just have her be warrior woman. :P

LOL! I ♥ that picture too! I had to scroll up. Those two are always so cute!:P

Thanks so much Sandy! I appreciate it!

Tessa  – (December 28, 2009 at 8:49 AM)  

Oh my god, Karrick is hot!!!!!! Why can't we have people like that in real life? Great chapter, I really love your story :)

Phoenix  – (December 28, 2009 at 4:34 PM)  

LOL!! Thanks! I had to remake him and he turned out slightly different! I think the hair helps though. And I know what you mean!

Thanks so much! Sorry for the delay in updates!:(

Anonymous –   – (January 8, 2010 at 4:04 AM)  

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Phoenix  – (January 8, 2010 at 6:48 AM)  

I cringe going back over my old stuff! LOL! Thanks so much! I really need to get a handle on where I'm going with RG so I can post! :( Thanks for stopping by and reading!:)

Tessa  – (February 18, 2010 at 7:58 PM)  

Ummm... I think you've been spammed. A lot.

Phoenix  – (February 18, 2010 at 11:18 PM)  

Yeah! It sucks because you have to delete each comment individually! Blah! I'll probably put a captcha up or something until I post again...which now that I'm over here looking at the pics makes me want to post soon!:P

Anonymous –   – (February 19, 2010 at 11:52 PM)  

Hey Little Sis,

I was on the web looking at stuff for next year, when I got tired of looking at it and said "Hey what's going on with Kaylee and the gang." So I came over here and read the latest entry and realized how much I had missed everybody.

I agree with the comment posted by the anonymous person, but I will always love your first bogs...they were so raw and beautiful and creative in their own right.

Long Live Ravensworth!!!!!

Phoenix  – (February 20, 2010 at 3:23 AM)  

Awww!!! I miss them too! Ever since their hood borked I've been scared to go in there and fiddle with anything. And I had to move them out and ish and it just became a mess! But looking through all these updates(When I had to get rid of all the SPAM!! Stupid spambots!) made me want to get back to writing them!

Haha! Thanks!:D Although I can't really stand to look at the old blogs! *shudders at picture taking skills!* Thanks so much for your support. Through everything!

And like the Phoenix they will rise again! Some day soon! I hope! I ♥ you Sis! Now get back to look at stuff for your wedding!:P

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