Warnings: Nudity, language

"Son of a-"
Kaylee stumbled backward as Kava's feet of fury connected with her chest and chin in rapid succession. Spitting out blood she watched as Kava landed in a crouch, glaring when she grinned happily up at her.
"You have to watch all body movement Kaylee. Just because I used my hands last time doesn't mean that I will use them again. Every body part can become a weapon if used correctly."
Standing, Kava dusted off her hands then motioned her closer. "How many times must I tell you not to become distracted by the things around you. In battle the enemy will use anything at their disposal to end your life. You must do the same. Understood?"
Absently rubbing at her chest she nodded. "I understand." And she did. She just couldn't follow through. They had been training for weeks and while she was learning different moves her focus wasn't-

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